The first in Indonesia

Preserved flower is handcrafted from natural flower with special technique of preservation to keep the freshness and softness that last for years.


You do not need to water the flowers.

Preserved flowers don’t have scent, do not attract insects which makes them perfect for a dinner table setting.

Preserved flowers are much lighter than fresh flowers because they don’t contain water. That is another reason why brides choose preserved flowers for their wedding bouquet. Also keep it as your precious memories for years to come.

Preserved flowers don’t have pollen which makes it the perfect gift for somebody who has allergies.

Flower Concept

Preserved flower can be used almost limitless possibilities for creative arrangements for your space, a perfect gift on special event and elegant bouquets and boutonnieres for wedding.

We only use the high quality of preserved flowers which are imported from Japan, French, Columbia and Equador.